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Oculus Quest 2 Usage Note

Meta Info

Facebook Account

I’ve heard that Facebook is evil for a few years. But I couldn’t afford any other VR headsets, like HTC Vive or Valve Index.

So I chose to compromise and signed up an account with all piracy settings turned off; I won’t give in any more even if they ban the account.

They paid my off to pretend that I bought the device without the ecosystem, which in fact I couldn’t get rid of.

Developer Mode

This is the only freedom for now, I can adb install *.apk as a fake developer.

Official documentation: Device Setup - Oculus Developers

Log into this page, create a fake organization. Then open Oculus app on the phone, find the headset device, turn on Developer Mode in More Settings.

Starting October 8, 2020, all Oculus developers will need to verify their accounts by providing a payment method and/or phone number.Official FAQ

I gave in my Visa card to be this god damn fake developer, shame on me.

Beat Saber

This game is the reason I want a VR headset, it gives me an illusion that I can play rhythm game.

This reddit discussion leads me to this post of Russian steam underground forum, where I get the Beat Saber [] patch+savefix+90Hz+CustomRes.apk to adb install.