V2Ray Subscription Parse

V2Ray core doesn’t provide subscription feature, this is cool because it’s considered unnecessery to people who self-host just one or several V2Ray services. If using service bought from websites, however, one may have to find a client with subscribe support to get a better user experience.

Up to now, there are several subscription formats; I’m gonna explore to resolve some of them on my own demand, using Python or even other languages.

V2RayN Format#

Source documentation

  • Subscription url: a regular url (http / https);
  • Return content of subscription url: a list of share link, separated by newline, at last encoded using Base64;
  • Support schemes: vmess, ss and socks.



Get Content from Subscription Url#

HOWTO Fetch Internet Resources Using The urllib Package — Python 3.8.0 documentation

from urllib.request import urlopen
subscribe_url = 'https://input-your-own-v2rayn-format-subscribe-url-here'
return_content = urlopen(subscribe_url).read()

Now we should get a really long string that seems random, like this:

Base64 Example

base64 — Base16, Base32, Base64, Base85 Data Encodings — Python 3.8.0 documentation

from base64 import b64decode
share_links = b64decode(return_content).decode('utf-8').splitlines()

This step we get a list of share link string:

Share Links

Get Configurations#

from urllib.parse import urlsplit
import json
schemes_allow = ['vmess', 'ss', 'socks']
configs = []
for share_link in share_links:
    url = urlsplit(share_link)
    if url.scheme not in schemes_allow: raise RuntimeError('invalid share link')

Finally we get a list of json objects, each of them contains a server configuraion:


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